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Boot Ok!

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Brand     : WE

ProdName  : A4

ProdModel : A4

Device    : A4

AndroidVer: 6.0

MTKxCPU   : MT6570

MTKxPRJ   : MT6570__A4__A4__6.0__MRA58K__MRA58K__zechin6570_cweg_m

[Read Ok] : preloader_MRA58K.bin

[Read Ok] : MBR

[Read Ok] : EBR1

[Read Ok] : lk.bin

[Read Ok] : boot.img

[Read Ok] : recovery.img

[Read Ok] : secro.img

[Read Ok] : logo.bin

[Read Ok] : system.img

[Read Ok] : cache.img

[Read Ok] : userdata.img

Android Info saved:_Android_info.txt


Scatter saved to : C:\Users\sajibraju\Desktop\MT6570__A4__A4__6.0__MRA58K__MRA58K__zechin6570_cweg_m/

All done!


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